Academy of Cheese: Pairing our Rosemary & Sea Salt Sourdough Crackers

There’s no mistaking the flavour of rosemary. Fragrant with pine, lemon and floral notes, it has a distinct and unique character, but works surprisingly well with a wide range of foods, especially cheese. Our Rosemary and Sea Salt Sourdough Crackers prove the point.

Made with Shipton Mill flour, dried rosemary and thyme leaves and Cornish sea salt, plus our signature 16-hour sourdough starter, they are a versatile accompaniment to various cheese styles.


The citrus tang of lactic cheeses, such as Valençay, Cerney Ash and goat’s curd, has a natural affinity with rosemary. Top a cracker with a slice of goat’s cheese and drizzle with honey to create a simple sweet and salty canapé, which matches beautifully with a Tom Collins cocktail (made with gin, lemon, sugar syrup and soda water). For a festive twist, replace the honey with a dab of cranberry sauce and serve with a glass of fizz.

Goats Cheese & Crackers

Rosemary and thyme are iconic herbs of the Mediterranean. They grow wild under the hot sun and provide sustenance to grazing sheep and goats. This gives the cheeses from this region herbaceous notes. You can sometimes detect a cool, eucalyptus-like quality in Manchego, turbo-boosted when served on a Rosemary and Sea Salt Cracker. Add some good quality anchovy fillets, a handful of olives and a glass of ice cold Manzanilla sherry to the mix and you have a Mediterranean mini meal for festive entertaining.

Manchego & Crackers

Even easier is to stud a whole Camembert with garlic slivers. Then, bake it in its wooden box for 20 minutes. When it has turned to molten goo, Rosemary and Sea Salt Crackers are the perfect edible tool for dipping. Open a few malty Dunkelweizens  (dark wheat beers) at the same time and you have an instant festive feast.

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