Our story

Peter Ljungquist is a quiet Swede who believes we are all happiest when we use our natural talents. He cares deeply about pursuing his passions and so joined together with friends including Swedish master baker, Jan Hedh, to discuss how he could revive traditional baking methods and recipes. Peter’s desire to turn away from commercial yeast and return to slower, more rewarding sourdough techniques drove him to open a small bakery in a typical Skånegård deep in the Swedish countryside.

Meanwhile, two English friends, Ian and Wendy, had left their corporate jobs to pursue their own ambition of introducing a Swedish-inspired bakery to the UK. On a research trip to Sweden, they heard about Peter from another baker and knew they had to meet him. At his bakery, they were captivated by the trays of warm crusty loaves, bags of stoneground flour and jars of bubbling sourdough starter. They also discovered the most delicious crispbread (knäckebröd) they had ever eaten.

While sharing an evening together at Peter’s home near Ystad, Wendy and Ian told Peter they thought his crispbread was simply too good to remain confined to one small bakery. They had the passion and experience to make this delicious crispbread into a brand that could be sold across the UK and further afield. And so, Peter’s Yard crispbread was born – inspired by Peter, his lovely home and his yard with a wooden gate on the edge of the beautiful Swedish countryside.

From small beginnings importing the crispbread from the bakery in Sweden, we started to gain recognition from top chefs and won numerous awards. Demand soon grew and we needed a bigger bakery. John Lister – friend and owner of Shipton Mill – joined the business, bringing with him a team of skilled craft bakers with a passion for sourdough and real bread.

Our range is now made in his artisan bakery in the UK, following the original Swedish recipe. Everything begins with our 45-year-old sourdough starter, fermented for 16 hours – crafted in small batches without shortcuts or artificial ingredients for award-winning flavour and crunch.