Academy of Cheese: Pairing our Original sourdough crispbread

We’ve recently partnered with the Academy of Cheese to become an official Patron and to celebrate this collaboration, we’re sharing our favourite pairings with cheeses studied in the Academy of Cheese Level One Associate course. Starting with our Original sourdough crispbread – continue reading to discover the perfect pairing suggestions.

For more information on each cheese, the Academy of Cheese library is available to preview for all subscribers. Here you’ll also discover the Make Post-Make categories and learn a little more about a cheese and its maker. To subscribe to their newsletter, simply follow this link.



Original Sourdough Crispbread

It’s hard to find a cheese that doesn’t go with our Original sourdough crispbread. Crispy and crunchy with a malty flavour and subtle tang, it’s a great all-rounder that pairs well with a wide range of styles. There’s a particularly nice textural contrast with ripe, soft cheeses, such as Brillat-Savarin, Camembert de Normandie and Brie de Meaux – the snap of the crispbread adding a counterpoint to the smooth, gooey fromage.

Made with a rye sourdough, which is fermented slowly for 16 hours, our Original sourdough crispbreads have an earthiness that dovetails with mellow, aged cheeses, which have spent time maturing in dark cellars and caves. Think mature cloth-bound cheddars full of complex savoury flavours and nutty, flaky Red Leicesters. Add a dab of bacon jam or the crunch and bite of a pickled onion, and you have a snack for the ages.


Washed Rind Cheese

The sourdough tang of the crispbread means it also matches up to washed rind cheeses with yeasty rinds. A young Livarot or the Irish cheese Durrus are good bets, or try Rollright – a soft, spruce-wrapped cheese from Gloucestershire that has lovely brioche notes from its terracotta rind and a yielding buttery interior.


Blue Cheese

There’s a similar harmony with natural-rinded blue cheeses, which often have yeasty notes of their own. Take your pick from Stilton, Stichelton or Dorset Blue Vinny. Their craggy coats help develop malty flavours in the cheese beneath, while the spice of the blue veins complements the gentle acidity of the crispbreads.

Everyone loves Port and Stilton, but why not break tradition and try hunks of the crumbly blue served on Original sourdough crispbreads with a pint of Stout. The sweet, velvety ale brings everything together in a most pleasing way. Christmas will never be the same again.


For more inspiration on cheese and crispbread pairings, why not take a look at our cheese pairing wheel? In the meantime, stay tuned for more collaborations with the Academy of Cheese, coming very soon.




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