The perfect cheeseboard: Shropshire selection

Our co-founder Wendy wanted to showcase the best cheese local to where she lives and works. She often serves this selection to guests, especially those unfamiliar with Shropshire food and cheese. They are firm personal favourites that Wendy treats herself and family to. Wendy enjoys buying food from local producers and shops.

Mr Moyden’s Wrekin White: A firm, smooth raw cow’s milk cheese. Matured for a minimum of 3 months, it is smooth, creamy and dotted with eyelets. Its nutty flavour and fruity aroma develops with age. The natural rind is brushed with local rapeseed oil to aid maturation. Wrekin White is named after the Wrekin hill which is a prominent and well-known landmark, it rises 1335 feet above the Shropshire Plain. Though it has never been a volcano, The Wrekin is largely formed from volcanic rocks – once ashes and lava. There is an Iron Age hill fort on the summit almost eight hectares in size.

Brock Hall Farm Capra Nouveau: this is a washed rind semi soft goats cheese. A fresh, smooth and close-textured, cheese with a citrus complexity – capturing multiple taste and texture viewpoints – both mellow and piquant. The rind is an attractive pinky crab colour and it has a tan band round it making it a spectacular looking cheese. The cheese has just won 3 Gold Stars at the 2012 Great Taste awards and been named one of the Top 50 foods in Britain from the same awards.

Mr Moydens Wrekin Blue: A raw, soft textured, cow’s milk blue cheese. The rustic natural rind encompasses the unctuous cheese inside. Mottled with blue streaks and pockets the smoky blue piquancy has a mineral like full flavour.

Please note the large cheese at the bottom is a prop!



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