The perfect cheeseboard: Peter’s Yard favourites

The Peter’s Yard team selected this cheeseboard to showcase three British cheeses that we all love and would have as our team meeting cheeseboard if we could! We would serve our Peter’s Yard cheeseboard with a selection of our crackers, apples and quince jelly on a slate board.

The cheeses:
Montgomery’s Cheddar

The Montgomery family have been making cheese in Somerset for three generations and continued to make artisan cheddar throughout the period despite the difficulties of the cheese sector in the mid 20th century. Jamie Montgomery is one of the pioneers of the revival in British cheese from the 1990s. This cheddar has a complex nutty flavour and dry texture. The team are fans of both the mature and extra mature versions of this cheddar.

Pennards Ridge

A fresh, clean goat’s cheese with an initial fruit flavour that develops a gentle nutty end. With a chalky texture this is a refreshing cheese that contrasts well with the cheddar

Gorwydd Caerphilly

Delicate citrus notes with a crumbly texture. The richer creamy outer layer contrasts well with the light firmer centre. The rind has earthy mushroom notes that add to the overall depth of flavour.

Peter's Yard cheeseboard



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