The perfect cheeseboard: La Fromagerie

We’ve been lucky enough to have Patricia Michelson of La Fromagerie, one of London’s most respected cheese shops and one of our first customers, select a special cheese board for us to share with you.

“Peter’s Yard crispbread has an affinity with all styles of cheese, but definitely it is the farmhouse hand made styles that really come into their own. The crispbread does not go soggy so the cheese can be sliced and sat on top which is the best way to serve cheese rather than spread it. Accompaniments should be simple since you don’t want to mask the flavours of the cheese or the crispbread, so ideally something crisp like celery or apples, pears and grapes. A Cheeseboard ideally should be 5 complementing yet contrasting cheeses.”
by Patricia Michelson

Here is a selection of 5 perfect cheeses to serve with Peter’s Yard Crispbread:

Cheeses shown (L to R):

Truffe Noire
Devon Blue
Stinking Bishop
Almnäs Tegel (at the front)



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