The perfect cheeseboard: Hamish Johnston

Hamish Johnston Fine Cheeses have been retailing and wholesaling cheeses for over 20 years. They are experts in their field. Here, Mark Newman shares his perfect cheeseboard comprising five cheeses to showcase some of his favourite British producers.

Mark says:

“This is a balanced cheeseboard selecting some of the finest cheeses from Great Britain.  I wouldn’t eat the cheese with butter but would have some Quince & Damson Cheese from Quince Products in Buckinghamshire. I would serve them on a simple olive wood board.”

Vintage Lincolnshire Poacher, Simon Jones – Alford, Lincs. Hard, Cow, Raw Milk, Traditional Rennet

This 18 month aged cheese is compact and chewy, with a creamy, rich, nutty character that is sweet, yet balanced by a feisty acidity that hints of green grass.  The finish is bitter-sweet and long lasting.

Lanark Blue, Selina & Andrew Cairns – Ogscastle, Lanarkshire.  Blue, Ewe, Raw Milk, Vegetarian Rennet

The sheep graze on heather-covered hills and wild natural pastures that give the milk its herbaceous, aromatic character and richness – a contrast to the spicy blue-grey streaks in this firm yet moist Scottish blue.  The taste mixes sweetness and salty tang giving way to an almost caramel aftertaste.

Waterloo, Anne Wigmore – Riseley, Berkshire.  Soft, Cow, Raw Milk, Vegetarian Rennet

This soft Guernsey cow’s milk cheese is rich, slightly sweet and creamy.  Made using a washed curds technique- which dilutes the acidity- the soft paste is supple, mild and distinctively butter-yellow.

Golden Cross, Alison Blunt – Lewes, East Sussex.  Fresh, Goat, Raw Milk, Vegetarian Rennet

This glorious goat’s cheese is lightly dusted with ash and has a firm slightly grainy texture.  It has a delicious creamy flavour with a subtle sweetness and lemony aftertaste.

For inspiration on which crackers to pair with Mark’s cheeses, take a look at our Cheese Pairing Wheel.

Hamish Johnston perfect cheeseboard



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