Time at Home with Clare, our Head of Marketing

Making time for the things we enjoy is something we’ve always advocated – it boosts our mental wellbeing, keeps us grounded and evokes a sense of escapism.

If there’s one thing that this isolation period has taught us, it’s the importance of nurturing the rituals and routines that bring us solace – seeking the positives and making them a non-negotiable part of our days at home.

With this in mind, we wanted to share the pastimes that our team are enjoying at the moment – from crafts to crispbread, we hope our “Time at Home” series inspires you to share your isolation moments of pleasure with us. Simply tag us in your photos using #PetersYardAtHome.


Clare | Head of Marketing | Bristol

Tell us, what does your newly adapted at-home routine look like?

 I’m not really one for routine so I like to start my days differently. I always try to do something for myself before I start work though, whether that’s some morning yoga, a run or a bit of reading. 

 What simple pleasures have you been appreciating lately?

I’ve been enjoying the ritual of making proper coffee at home. I have a subscription from Clifton Coffee so get beans delivered to my door and grind them fresh each day. One thing working at Peter’s Yard and our sister business, Söderberg, has drilled into me is the Swedish concept of “fika” – taking the time to pause and have a proper coffee break each day. 

 I’ve definitely been appreciating the small things, such as growing herbs and vegetables from seed. More than ever, it feels hopeful to watch seeds germinate and the promise of growing some of your own food always feels exciting.

Is there a new hobby or activity that you’ve discovered during this time?

I’ve been getting back into painting, trying oils for the first time and doing some watercolours of coastal scenes. I love to be by the sea so while that’s not possible, looking at photos of seascapes is the next best thing and still feels very calming.

What is the last thing you cooked or baked that you’re proud of?

I love cooking and indulging in nice food has definitely been something that’s brought me comfort recently. I am baking my way through the Honey & Co Baking Book and recently made their delicious Pear, Ginger & Olive Oil cake – perfect with a cup of tea.

Have you been listening to any podcasts or music that you’d like to share?

BBC 6 music has been the soundtrack to most of my working from home days.

What’s the last good thing you watched?

 Like most of the country, I’ve recently been absorbed by the BBC adaptation of Sally Rooney’s Normal People. As a huge fan of the book I was interested to see how it would be brought to life on TV and it didn’t disappoint.




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