What is sourdough?

Sourdough is the most ancient type of bread and has been made for thousands of years.

It is fermented and proofed (risen) with wild yeast and naturally occurring lactic acid bacteria rather than commercial bakers’ yeast. These microorganisms are present in the air and flour. In order to cultivate and keep them alive, a sourdough starter is used. This is simply a mixture of flour and water that naturally ferments over time. But sourdough does so much more than just make bread rise – like many fermented foods, it has digestive benefits and adds depth and complexity to flavour and aroma.

Although a sourdough starter is not hard to make, maintaining one requires constant care and attention. In order to keep an active and bubbling culture, it needs to be fed regularly with flour. Ours has been kept alive for over 44 years now and is nurtured like a member of the family! It is fed daily and ferments for 16 hours before we make our any of our products, giving them a unique character and great depth of flavour.

If you fancy making your own sourdough starter, take a look at our recipe.

Everything in our range begins with a 45-year-old sourdough starter which is fermented for 16 hours. Crafted in small batches without shortcuts or artificial ingredients for award-winning flavour and crunch.

Sourdough crackers and crispbreads

Our hand-baked crackers and crispbreads are the perfect accompaniment to artisan cheeses, cured meats and dips.
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what is sourdough?



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