Jan Hedh’s sourdough starter

Swedish master baker, Jan Hedh, helped develop the recipe for our original sourdough crispbread. Here’s how to make his rye sourdough starter which uses grated apple to speed up the fermentation process.

Day 1-3
200g water
200g rye flour
100g grated apple

1. Mix water, 35°C, with flour and grated apple in a stainless steel bowl. Pour into a 2l glass jar with a lid.
2. Place the jar in a warm place, ideally 26-30°C, for 3 days. Speed up the process by stirring once a day.

Day 4
Transfer this starter base to a large bowl. Add 200g flour and 200g water, 35°C. Stir carefully with a ladle and leave for another 24 hours at the same temperature as before.

Day 5
The sourdough is now ready to use. Store it in the fridge until you’re ready to bake.
To keep your starter active, discard some daily and feed the remainder with equal parts of flour and water.

Learn more about how to care for your sourdough starter here. Once you’re ready to bake, take a look at our rye sourdough bread recipe.

Jan Hedh sourdough starter



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