Sourdough: beyond bread

At Peter’s Yard, we love sourdough – for us, the malty flavour with its subtle tang and the beautiful bubbly texture it brings to our crispbread is integral. We feed our sourdough daily and leave it to ferment for 16 hours before each batch of crispbread is made. But sourdough has inspired many other things, beyond bread. To celebrate #SourdoughSeptember, we’re sharing a roundup of our favourites.

Pump St Bakery’s Sourdough & Sea Salt Chocolate.

The clever team at Pump St combined their two signature products to create this incredibly moreish chocolate. The satisfying crunch and malty flavour of the sourdough crumbs perfectly complement the Ecuadorian dark chocolate.

Eleanor Pritchard’s handwoven ‘Sourdough’ blanket.

This handwoven blanket is made from undyed British wool. The stunning grid like pattern is inspired by Eleanor’s favourite sourdough bread.

Images courtesy of Eleanor Pritchard.

The Sourdough School’s Sourdough Soap

This natural goat milk soap is made especially for Vanessa at The Sourdough School by The Raw Soap Company. Perfect for any baker’s hands!

Images courtesy of Together & Sunspell and The Sourdough School 

Wild Beer Co’s Sourdough beer

This beer was born out of a curiosity as to whether sourdough could be used to ferment a beer. Wild Beer teamed up with Hobbs House Bakery to use their 58-year-old sourdough culture to make this sour. If you like this style, it’s well worth a try. 


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