Emily Scott Original Sourdough Crackers pairing

Award-winning chef & author, Emily Scott has created this simple but delicious pairing with our Original Sourdough Crackers, perfect for alfresco dining this summer. Emily says “Fennel is one of my favourite vegetables, as good raw as cooked. Marinated with lemon juice, chilli, and good olive oil”


Peter’s Yard Original Sourdough Crackers x 1 box (90g)
1 x bulb fennel (remove tough outer layers and core, slice as finely as possible)
1 tsp chilli flakes
1 x lemon
1 tbsp good olive oil
50g parmesan (the best quality possible)
Cornish sea salt, freshly ground pepper


Cut the fennel as finely as possible. Place in a bowl and add lemon juice, good olive oil, the chilli flakes and combine well. Leave for 5 minutes so the fennel softens slightly.

Season with sea salt and pepper.

Place the shards of fennel onto the original sourdough crackers.

Slice the parmesan with a peeler to create very fine slices, place on top of the fennel and cracker.

Spoon over extra olive oil, lemon and chilli from the fennel

Decorate with fennel fronds.

Cook’s note – Absolutely delicious with Peter’s Yard Pink Peppercorn Crackers

Recipe by Emily Scott.

Original Sourdough Crackers