Ed Smith Roast Carrot & Miso Dip Recipe

Ed Smith, food writer & award-winning blog Rocket & Squash has created this Roast Carrot & Miso Dip recipe to pair perfectly with our Sourdough Flatbreads.

If you like a dip, try this Roast Carrot and Miso one. A great option if you’re entertaining over the Easter Bank Holiday Weekend. 

Snacking for 8-12


1kg carrots, peeled

2 tbsp cold pressed rapeseed oil

While or red miso (not dark)


1 tbsp yoghurt

Juice from ⅛ lemon

½ tsp flakey sea salt


@petersyard Seeded Sourdough Flatbreads

1 small chicory, separate

1 fennel, cut into wedges

100g Sugar snap peas

½ cucumber, in batons



Heat the oven to 180C fan.

Leave whole any carrots that are similar in diameter to a (fat) thumb. Chunk up larger ones to a similar size, so that everything cooks at the same speed.

Arrange on a low-sided baking tray. Cover with the cold pressed rapeseed oil, roll to ensure all carrots are glossy. Then roast for a total of 45 minutes – turn the carrots after 30 minutes, when some will be coloured, but keep going until they are shrivelling a little, releasing oil, look sticky and smell sweet.

Weigh the roasted carrots – they’ll likely be around 500-600g. Then add them (and any cooking oil) to a blender, along with 10% of the cooked carrots weight in miso, and 10% in water. Blend until very smooth.

Mix in the yoghurt, just a little squeeze of lemon and some salt. Cool to room temperature and serve with a mix of crunchy crudités, including Peter’s Yard sourdough flatbreads.


Flatbreads on table


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Roast Carrot Dip



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