Emily Scott Pedro Ximénez Chocolate Pot Recipe

Quick and simple Pedro Ximénez Chocolate Pot a lovely pudding, ‘a pick me up’ that is indulgent, boozy and moorish using Peter’s Yard original sourdough crackers.

Serves 4-6

200g finely grated chocolate 54%
90g original Peter’s Yard sourdough crackers
2 tbsp golden caster sugar
250ml double cream
2 tbsps Pedro Ximénez
Pinch Cornish sea salt


In a food processor blitz up the sourdough crackers. In a bowl mix the crackers, grated chocolate and caster sugar.

Whisk the double cream until ribbon stage and fold in the Pedro Ximénez. Layer the chocolate mixture and cream finishing with chocolate on the top and a pinch of salt.

Cook’s note If you would like to be even more indulgent use half 54% chocolate and 70% chocolate. Swapping up the Pedro for Marsala is a delicious alternative. If you have some chocolate and cracker mixture left over it freezes well for next time.

Recipe by Emily Scott.