Speciality Spotlight with No2 Pound Street

For our final instalment of Speciality Spotlight this year, we spoke with James Grant of award winning artisan store – No2 Pound Street. James and his team supply a carefully chosen range of artisan cheeses, British charcuterie and speciality selected wines. We’re excited to share this insightful conversation with James and learning about the wonderful work they do at No2 Pound Street.


Tell us about No2 Pound Street and how it started?

No2 pound Street is a British Cheese, Charcuterie & International Wine Shop and British Delicatessen. Founded by Myself & Nicola in 2010, our mission is to champion excellent cheese and wine. Our bias being always on sustainable and ethical produce. Our cheese is bought directly from farms up and down the U.K.. The milk that produces the cheese sold at No2 is mainly from single herds. A lot of the cheese sold is made with raw milk. Our wines are handpicked from small producers that practice sustainable land management. A lot of our wines are natural, organic and low sulphur. The Deli showcases local condiments, chocolates, biscuits and lots more!


What does a typical day involve?

Turning on the coffee machine of course! Then we check and replenish the cheese counter. Our stock rotation is fast as we also run several markets. This means that our cheeses are always being sold quickly and are in their best condition. Another job in the morning (in fact throughout the day) is to check the cave where we age some of our hard cheeses. We need to ensure that the humidity and temperature are spot on and that the whole cheeses are being regularly turned to preserve the moisture. The shop buzzes along throughout the day as a cheesemonger, charcutier and wine shop for retail clients. We double as the place to sit and enjoy coffee or a platter of the finest British Cheese & Charcuterie, with wines to match. In an old converted barn behind the shop, we have a purpose-built tasting room. The room boasts all mod cons and is the perfect venue for an intimate gathering with foodie friends. Within the barn we house the affinage – this is the cave for aging cheese and customers can view inside through a purpose-built window, it’s quite the spectacle!


How do you select the products you store?

With difficulty, there are some brilliant U.K. based producers which makes it so challenging. We do like to watch Great Taste Awards and take recommendations from Speciality Food. We like to involve all of the team in deciding what fits best, which again is largely based on ingredient traceability, sustainability and ethical production.


At Peter’s Yard, our ethos is all about taking time for the simple pleasures in life – tell us, what are your favourite pastimes?

Stopping and breathing in fresh air. Appreciating nature fully by long and gentle walks with the Labradors. Our spiritual home is Pembrokeshire, and we often go to nourish our souls. Food and wine of course is an essential pleasure and taking time to prepare great food is stimulating for both mind and body. We find nourishment by supporting local and passionate producers who are at one with nature. Food is brilliant.


How do you enjoy Peter’s Yard?

Since meeting the founders many years ago whilst they were still producing in their Gerrards Cross family kitchen, we have consumed many crackers! They are just perfect with all cheeses, I love Baron Bigod with a spoon of Jane Stewards, Norfolk Medal Jelly. The large ones are super delicious with cured salmon and dill pickle. Even for dipping whilst preparing a meal. They are the go to biscuits for cheese and so much more. It is of no surprise that cheesemongers around the world love them.


What do you love about Peter’s Yard products?

They are delicious and remain sustainable with their ingredients. There are no shortcuts! Peter’s Yard offer a wonderful ethical product and can be used in so delicious many ways.

James Grant from No2 Pound Street with artisan cheese