Speciality Spotlight with Panzer’s Deli

Tell us a bit about Panzer’s Deli and how it started.

Panzer’s Deli is a London institution and the narrow aisles of our deli/grocer/greengrocers is packed with interesting world foods for customers to discover. We’ve been in St John’s Wood since 1944 and for most of that time, the Vogel family was at the helm. About 10 years ago, facing changes needed to modernise the business, Peter Vogel looked to sell the business. With rumours circulating that a big supermarket was interested in the site, David Josephs, whose family had shopped at Panzer’s for three generations, became determined to buy it. David had a little retail experience under his belt (he is also co-owner of wholesaler and greengrocer All Greens) but he asked Peter to stay on another year so he could fully learn the business. And he has never looked back, insisting on the importance of high-quality small businesses for local communities.


What does a typical day at Panzer’s involve?

 No day at Panzer’s is the same! We run a greengrocer, deli, grocery, coffee bar, cafe, sushi counter and wine shop on site. We also sell fresh hampers for gifting, picnics to take to nearby Lord’s Cricket Ground or beyond and provide catering for Central London businesses. Our days can change with the weather (sunny days see a crowded terrace for brunch while rainy days see customers looking to browse in the shop.) Summers are delightfully long and full of fresh produce. In Autumn and Winter, we celebrate back-to-back holidays: Rosh Hashanah (Jewish New Year), Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas.


What do you look for when sourcing products for the store?

 We want customers to discover something new, something special and to support small businesses whenever we can. We also want them to be able to source the highest quality products possible, whatever the product they are looking to find. We hope each visit to the store is a little different, so you’ll always see changes on our shelves.


At Peter’s Yard, our ethos is all about taking time for the simple pleasures in life – tell us, what are your favourite pastimes?

 Toasting a fresh bagel, loading it with fluffy cream cheese and Panzer’s smoked salmon for a picnic in Regent’s Park. (We head to the “secret garden” off the Inner Circle at St John’s Lodge Gardens.) Or when travelling abroad, lingering in a farmer’s market and learning something new.


How do you enjoy Peter’s Yard? Please be specific! E.g. with a dollop of chutney & slice of cheese on Regent’s Park

It is hard to choose a favourite but the combination of a sliver of Tomme de Savoie cheese with fresh fig on wholegrain crispbread usually gets us every time.


What do you love about Peter’s Yard products?

Peter’s Yard offers a point of difference that we’ve found is hard to find elsewhere. The quality is excellent with unique flavours like fig & spelt or carraway. The packaging is beautiful, and we know we’re offering our customers great taste to accompany our cheeses.


Finally, what’s planned for this year at Panzer’s Deli?

It’s hard to ignore the Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays coming up (we revel in them all!) but Panzer’s turns 80 next year so we are looking forward to a year full of fun celebrations.


David Josephs from Panzer's Deli carrying his groceries and talking about Peter's Yard