The expert’s guide to a British Cheeseboard

This year, we’re looking forward to a long Bank Holiday weekend, marking the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. With the celebrations approaching, we have partnered with cheese specialist, Emma Young to share top tips on building the perfect British cheeseboard.

What makes the ultimate British cheeseboard?

“Most people would say ‘variety’ however looking through my cheeseboards over the years shows that I do not take this advice. I am an enormous soft cheese lover and my cheeseboards are usually heavily weighted in this direction. The most important thing is to choose cheeses you like, which are accessible to many people, hence my supermarket pairings with Peter’s Yard crackers.”

How many cheeses work best?

“You cannot go wrong with 5 cheeses – the magic 5 being a Goat, Soft, Semi Hard, Hard and Blue. Here you cover all the bases of styles and have something for everyone.”

What accompaniments should be used?

“With crackers, it has to be Peter’s Yard. They are neutral enough to go with any cheeses and their newer flavoured crackers add a hint of something extra to make for a tasty pairing. I’m also quite partial to adding some sweetness through jams and chutneys. They work well with many styles but my personal favourite being cherry jam with sheep’s milk cheeses.”


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Sourdough crackers and crispbreads

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