Serving cheese: A guide

Our sourdough crispbread are chosen by many top chefs and cheese experts to serve with cheese. We asked them for advice on how to create the perfect cheeseboard. Here’s what they told us:

• Serve between three and five cheeses: fewer larger pieces look much better than too many small pieces

• Create a balance of textures by having at least one hard and one soft cheese

• Balance the flavours and strength of the cheeses so that you have a good combination of fresh, light, tangy, creamy, earthy, salty, strong

• Include at least one blue cheese

• Vary the milk the cheese has been made from so that you have at least one goat’s or sheep’s alongside cow’s milk cheeses

• A theme such as all British cheeses can be a great way to explore new cheeses

• Accompaniments should be simple: slices of apple or pear, figs, fruit jellies or chutney

• Choose neutral, light, crisp biscuits that complement rather than compete with the flavour of the cheese

Follow the links for some perfect combinations from our friends at La Fromagerie, Turbulls, Hamish Johnston and The Cheese School.