Discovered in Sweden, the home of crispbread

In the 1500s, Nordic countries introduced crispbread (knäckebröd) into their diet, using them just like fresh bread. Large discs of dough were baked at harvest time and preserved over the winter.

Each crispbread was made with a hole in the middle so that it could be hung on a pole above the fire and kept for long periods of time. The result was crisp, wholesome, delicious bread with the texture of a cracker, some big enough for snapping & sharing. That’s why each of our large crispbreads has a hole in the centre, in-keeping with Scandi traditions.

Our crispbread recipes are always inspired by Sweden. They are made by skilled bakers here in the UK using organic fresh milk, organic flours and our precious sourdough which is fed daily and allowed to ferment for 16 hours before each batch is baked.

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